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Public Campus Ministries

There are thousands of non-Seventh-day Adventist institutions of higher learning all over the world providing education for millions of students. These campuses are mission fields whose inhabitants must be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also present on the non-Adventist campus are Seventh-day Adventist students for whom the church must provide spiritual assistance. When a church is close to a college or university campus and a campus pastor has not been assigned by the conference, the local youth society should plan its program of “Inreach” to include the Adventist student on the secular campus as well as to plan for evangelizing the campus. It is suggested that the local youth society be prepared:

To give aid to students in solving spiritual and social programs arising from their attendance at these schools of higher learning.

To conduct retreats, seminars, and other helpful activities in order to involve students in the programs of the local church and to encourage them in witnessing activities.

To organize them into a recognized student society at the school they are attending.

To rent, where funds permit, a building very close to the campus where food can be served, a reading room made available, and a place provided for  selling our books and health foods. 

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