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Training School

The Training School is the arm of the Youth Ministry Department that seeks to equip the Conference and its youth with trained leaders and officers. The School aims to assist the church in impacting its youth, as well as the wider community, by providing the most current leadership development programs for youth ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

For this year, the Training School will offer basic staff training FEBRUARY 19 & 26. This Basic Staff Training is for all AY, Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders (who have not completed the training before) and is a prerequisite for all trainees doing the Master Guide and Senior Youth Leaders course.  The Training School will be launched on MARCH 19, 2017 and offers the following courses: 

¨ Master Guide

¨ Senior Youth Leadership

¨ Drill Instructors' Course

It is strongly recommended that all AY leaders and Club Directors take advantage of these training opportunities and be appropriately trained to serve our Youth. 

The basic requirements for applicants to these courses are: One, be a baptized SDA in good and regular standing in the church. Two, be an officer in the AY Society/Pathfinder/Adventurer Club. Three, be recommended by your Pastor or Church Elder/AY/Club Director.