Seventh-Day Adventist Church

East Jamaica Conference Adventist Youth Ministries The Official Youth Site of EJC. Jamaica, West Indies.


Fellow Youth Leaders: Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine! My Jesus is your Jesus too. We are privileged to have been asked to play a role in leading young impressionable minds. Now is not the time to engage in the luxury of cooling off, for the battle is raging and God has called us at such a time as this to shape a positive future. For this to be a reality we need to know our part in this work and channel our strengths, talents and time in serving more effectively and efficiently. Let us be reminded that the primary purpose of Adventist Youth Ministry is to win, train, commission, and retain the youth.
Ellen White wrote: “The youth need more than a casual notice, more than an occasional word of encouragement. They need painstaking, prayerful, careful labor. He only whose heart is filled with love and sympathy will be able to reach those youth who are apparently careless and indifferent (Gospel Workers, p. 208)”.

Yours in service,

Pastor Ray Davis

Vision: Each Adventist youth or minor a candidate for the kingdom of heaven.
Mission: Obtain recourses, programs, ministries and the adequate environment for the development of all the potential faculties in each child and in each youth who are under the leadership of the youth department, making sure that the work and effort put forth result in men and women who are faithful to God, true to their principles, who serve the church and who each in turn will be an influence and blessing to others.